Personalized 1:1 Coaching/ Supervision/Problem Resolution/ Wellbeing Support for Heads  (Ongoing in blocks of 10 hours)
The support all strategic leaders need, to maximize effectiveness and ensure their own wellbeing, with a coach who fully understands the challenges of the role. Sessions are delivered flexibly, as required, and can be planned in or as a challenge develops. They may be a single hour as ongoing support or a 2 or 3-hour block when a significant issue occurs.
This will support difficult decision making and improve your wellbeing.

A new style of Flexible Supportive Review (2-3 days)
A 2 or 3-day process with real time feedback for all staff involved, with interviews, document and evidence reviews and classroom observation alongside school leaders, leading to agreed constructive feedback to staff and governing boards. Strengths and risk factors shared and future actions recommended in writing.
Designed to raise morale, the whole process will be done in genuine collaboration with you.

Coaching for improvement with teachers (1 day/ongoing)
Including developing a whole school approach, agreeing a supportive approach to monitoring and supporting school leaders to coach teachers ‘real time’ in the classroom. May be linked to in school training on ‘the lesson as a journey.’
Looking for a new approach? This is for you. It was the best thing I ever did in my schools.

Wellbeing sessions with teams of senior leaders (1 day)
Whole team session for school (or group of schools) followed by individual sessions on day as required. Focus is on the links between wellbeing, work life balance and sustainable effectiveness: small changes that make a big difference. (Groups size 3-10)

Headteacher Appraisal (1 day)
Follow up mid-year reviews can also be supported

Staff Development Sessions (1/2 day or ongoing)

Leading staff meetings or elements of development days. These are bespoke and developed in collaboration with the school/group of schools but recent sessions include

  • Developing effective parental engagement
  • Whole school wellbeing (also delivered to groups of governors)
  • Developing your coaching skills (for classteachers and middle leaders)

Financial planning and staffing structure reviews to support budget setting processes (1 day)

Facilitating collaboration and partnership working across groups of schools (Ongoing)

Pupil Premium reviews and strategy development for school websites (1-2 days)

Leading whole school Vision and Values days working alongside senior leaders (1 day in school)

Bespoke programmes to develop teams of senior and middle leaders

For further details, to discuss how these might work in your school(s) or to commission work contact us for a discussion or look on the specific page.
All programmes are bespoke and tailored to the needs of your school(s) when commissioned.