Objective                  Independent              Confidential

                             “Working with you”

Does this sound like you?

“I need a confidential, safe space to be vulnerable and explore the challenges, frustrations and opportunities of being a headteacher openly and honestly with someone who really understands the role and will support my wellbeing and effectiveness as key factors in the development of my school”

Kent Headteacher

“I am looking for constructive support and tailored challenge for me and my school, to help us continue on our journey of improvement, but I want this from an objective, confidential source with no hidden agenda, who will work collaboratively with me and understands fully the challenges of leading a school.

Medway Headteacher


This is, in essence, what ForeHeads Educational Consultancy aims to provide. This is our personal commitment to you and all of our clients. We work with you to provide a tailored package of support to leaders and schools with whom we aim to develop a real, enduring partnership. This is focused on helping heads and other strategic leaders to balance the continuous improvement of their schools in a sustainable way for themselves and their teams.